My first open mic night and Steve’s second. Jay is the guy on the left and our buddy who made the boat announce that we would be performing in the bar.

Sean cut his finger at a waterfall during our 3 day hike in Glacier National Park:

These kids had to ride sheep as long as they could in Thermopolis:

We get to ride around a Vespa!!!

Just listen to this woman scream as we attempt to get our leepenfrogen photo at The Bean in Chicago:

The three of us jump off a 45ft cliff at Red Rock Cliffs in Burlington, VM:

Our 2nd cliff Jump at Pot Holes just outside Burlington, VM:

An awesome little spot at a lake in Acadia National Park:

Ceremonial group shotgun upon arrival at Bonnaroo:

Dan running through a field to get to the Nissan Dealer (Read the blog post to understand):


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    Steve's Mom said,

    Great job on updating the website. Dave, your skills were not utilized to their fullest potential by ATO! We are all enjoying the photos, videos, etc. Will share them with the relatives in OC…you will be missed, Steve. My vote for top video is a tie between the Vespa montage (complete with music no less!) and the rodeo (what crazy mother would let her kid do that?). Keep on having fun. Hi to Lisa and Jenny! Love, Steve’s Mom

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