Group Photos

ALL of our photos can be found here:


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    Aunt Murk said,

    Wow!!! These are incredible pictures! Stay safe! We love you!!!

  2. 2

    Uncle Dennie said,

    I know what it’s like being on the road going across this great country did it in 68, 69 on a greyhound bus, and again many times by plane, cars, motorcycles, trains & ships, plus hiking & ATVing, each time was just great, and makes you feel great , free, and super proud to be an american. But it was really nice to come home again too. This is an adventure that you will never forget, it will help find yourself, help you see how life is threw many different lives & eyes, you will see the good & bad in many people. Take lots of pictures, enjoy yourself, see all the great things God made for you to share, take your time, don’t rush because life goes by so fast. If you need anything or help please call me or Aunt, we are very proud of you and love you.
    Just remember you can say you did it!!! instead of just saying I wish I would had done it.
    Be careful & Love you
    Uncle Dennie
    P.S. See you on the flip side

  3. 3

    Jim Garrant said,

    Glad that you are having a great adventure. Say hi to Lisa. Spoke to your DOD(dearodldDAD)today and he is ecstatic. Proud, happy and overflowing with joy. Continue with your odyssey and you will select your own BRASS RING of life. Ladies & Gents, the pleasure has been mine, all mine. You are expeienceing real life. Enjoy. Jim Garrant

  4. 4

    Nalina said,

    Wow, looks like you guys are having a blast. From these pictures, I especially enjoyed the: 1. Froglike jumps poses, 2. I’m a member of a victorian family sitting on the Lawn pose, 3. pants off cliff-time, and 4. the sideways tied scarf–very old timey mountain-man like (or Sound of Music Von Trapp family style, i don’t know which yet). I hope you guys continue to have an awesome and continue to be safe. I’ll be checking this blog out for sure! Take care!


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