The leepenfrogen team is made up of Sean, Steve and David. The three of us are in a transition period when many young adults enter the ‘real world’ by getting an apartment, job and the like. We don’t feel like doing that, so instead we are adventuring through America in a ’96 Isuzu Rodeo. We hope to be on the road for a year.

The trip begins in Tennessee after the music festival, Bonnaroo. We head north to mainemainemaine, further north to Alaska and then plan on working at some sort of ski resort out west for the winter. Spring brings us back on the road to explore the southern portion of the states as we travel back to the east coast and our respective homes.

We love the outdoors, so camping will be prevalent and we’ve compiled a lot of gear to do hikes in parks along the way.

Our goal is to simple; explore America and it’s people with open minds and spontaneous adventuring.

-Sean Steve David


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    Darnel said,

    hey guys,
    Well it looks like you are having an awesome time and I’m glad you started it off the right way at bonaroo. Thanks for making it to my party before you left and I hope you guys are having an amazing time. Give me a call sometime and fill me in on your adventures!


  2. 2

    Janelle the Gazelle said,

    Yo Yo Yo….

    I finally made it back to your site…la la la. It’s so good to know that you guys made it happily (and quickly) to CO. I hope Dave plans on sending Quenna and I some baked goods soon, and that Steve and Sean find the jobs they’re hoping for. I drive/bike by the ferry terminal every day (twice!) and can’t help but think of that outrageous crew I met in Whittier. You guys have struck a chord in my heart, and there I will keep you…hmm…yeah, that’s right! Forever and ever! Hahahaha!!!

    Well…next time you wanna get wet, just come to Juneau!


    Peas and Carrots,

    The Gazelle

    PS: Q-Dawg and I are attempting to retrieve Little Foot, but it could take some time…I’ll get back to you with mo’ info.

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